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The Boxing Lab Coventry is the boxing and fitness studio for everyone! We cater to all ages, male and female!

Our goal at the boxing lab is to be the most welcoming and least intimidating boxing studio around! We believe that boxing is for everyone, whether you are 20 years old looking to box competitively, or 50 years old and looking to box for fun and fitness, we will 100% have a boxing class suitable for you!

Alongside the boxing classes, we have many more. 

We have dance classes, suitable for women, men, and children.

We also run a range of fitness classes, hiit, circuits, bootcamps, and much much more here at The Boxing Lab Coventry!

We also have fitness classes specifically for women only, in case you'd prefer to only workout with other women! And of course, this fitness class is ran by our female trainers!

Meet the team
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