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Keeping it personal

What is Small Group personal training?



Small Group, personal training is the key to the success when it comes to incredible results.


Why is this?


At The Boxing Lab, we cater for all ages, and all shapes and sizes, at all levels of fitness.


Working in small groups, allows the coaches to really understand the clients needs, And allows the coaches a lot more time to work with each individual towards getting the best results possible.


We believe that if you are in a class, which is overpopulated, that you don’t get the time and help that you deserve, therefore we have really cut down our numbers to allow the coaches to work as closely as possible with everybody who signs up to our Small Group personal training!

As you will see from looking at our timetable, our timetable is tailored around Small Group, personal training, because our facility is tailored around, getting incredible body, transformations, and results, and giving our clients, the best journey possible, and feeling the most comfortable that they can be, and having the most support from our dedicated coaches throughout their whole journey

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