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Working with The Boxing Lab was probably the best decision I ever made. They have taught me everything I need to know, not to only lose weight, but to maintain my shape now

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Working with Jack at The Boxing Lab, completely transformed by body and my brain. I have so much confidence now and I owe him a lot

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I trained with Jack for 6 months leading up to my big day (wedding), we called it ' shreadding for the wedding' (lol) 
He taught me everything I needed to know about nutrition, and designed a workout plan for me which I could fit around my busy workalike

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I am in my mid 50s now, and as I was approaching this age, I found myself struggling with my weight, physical fitness, and my mental health too. Too many beers, not enough exercise. Jack put together a program for me at The Boxing Lab, and I lost over 2 stone. I feel completely re energised, and so much more confident with my body. Thanks Jack and The Boxing Lab

gemma transformation_edited.jpg

I first came to The Boxing Lab after lockdown 2021, suffering with excess fat which I couldn't seem to shift, and some mental health issues from being stuck in the house all day! I jumped on an 8 week transformation with Jack and Chloe, and I lost over 1.5 stone over the course! I now feel comfortable in my body and my mind, and continue to live an active life now. Cheers guys!

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I have been working with Jack at The Boxing Lab for the past few years now. I was at a point where I was 22 stone+. I sat down with Jack, and we planned out our training sessions, three times per week, and he guided me through my eating habits. I got down to an amazing 15.5 stone! Life changing is an understatement. I couldn't walk up the stairs without a break, and now I can do an hours high intensity training session 3-4 times per week! Amazing.

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I have been training with The Boxing Lab since post lockdown. I took part in an 8 week transformation program, where we focused on various training methods and a lot of nutritional training! I lost over 1.5 stone over the 8 weeks, and I continue to maintain my current weight with classes and coaching.

transformation john.JPG

I took part in an 8 week training program ran by Jack at The Boxing Lab, and I lost 2 stone over time. My stomach completely tightened up, and you can see it most in my face. I have way more confidence since working with Jack and his knowledge is second to none.

transformation maz.jpg

I started training with Jack in 2020, just for a bit of fitness. The weight dropped off me over the year, and I've now found myself completely dedicated to boxing and fitness, and has become a part of my every day life.

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